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By Peter Stewart | April 2013

I Had a good hands on with the canon 100d today thanks to the guys at Wing Shing Photo here in Hong Kong, and the new 18-55mm stm lens. The camera is extremely light, and fits well in the hand with a decent grip. All the usual buttons and dials are where you would expect, I had no problem finding my way around the controls. For a camera this size, the addition of a touch screen is a welcome bonus. Thankfully they left out a flip screen (I hate those things).

Canon 100D (right) compared to it's larger brothe

Image quality looks very good thanks to the digic 5 processor, up to ISO 3200 I couldn't notice any serious noise issues. Burst speed seems pretty slow compared to it's bigger brothers. Video mode however with the STM lens is awesome. But watch that battery! It's very small so expect much less battery life. Despite my initial feelings that internally quality wise it's all there, the main downside is the physical feel. It feels about as sturdy as a nikon D3000. Just a big mash of plastic. The main temptation with this is having the use of all your normal canon lenses. If your like me, I shoot with a 5D MKII, and sometimes I just want something size wise like the EOS-M that I can attach one of my primes to and throw it in a bag for those days when i don't want to lug around a heavy DSLR. This it seems, it a much more practical solution. The DSLR you are used to, downsized for portability but still allowing the flexibility to use that expensive collection of EF/EF-S lenses. That said, I just don't like it. I just can't help but feel that if you are in the market for such a small powerful dslr, then the mirrorless crop sensor offerings from Sony are really the better answer. Canon have brought out a small product that size wise beats nikons offerings and image quality wise, should beat the m43 cameras of the olympus & lumix variety. After the abysmal EOS-M, Canon really need to up their game to rival the Sony NEX series.

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

If only Canon or Nikon could release a mirrorless or 100d sized full frame camera. That for me would be the gamechanger, until then i give the throne to Sony.

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