By Peter Stewart 

Due to my frequent travelling i visit a lot of tourist spots. Tourists obviously take a lot of photos, we are all snaphappy beings and in this connected world we live in, grabbing that selfie of yourself in front of a famous landmark and posting immediately on facebook is considered the most important photo of all.

The Brad Pitt of Fishermen

But what are people using? Years ago, it seemed that compact digital cameras were all the rage. Even DV video or HDD camcorders were very popular amongst tourists. Not anymore. The most popular camera of choice is the smartphone. More than anything i see people shooting with their phones. In America, the most popular is the iphone. In Asia it is most certainly a galaxy or another Android phone. The next most popular camera i see is the DSLR. Mostly Canon, the midrange models with the kit lenses. There is however in Asia, a lot of people carrying higher range models like the 5D with L lenses. Nikon's i see a lot less, but when i do it's again mostly mid range bodies with kit lenses. Next most popular is the Sony NEX series and the Panasonic Lumix M43 range. I see a lot of these. I can't tell the difference in the models, but with the lumix people are buying mirrorless and not compacts.

Thankfully we don't see many of these "super zooms" anymore

The least popular camera it seems is the trusty compact. I rarely see tourists using these now, but when i do (and it's difficult to be choosy with words here) it does seem to be by poorer looking people, or more elderly. More guys seems to be packing DSLR's, girls tend to favour the mirrorless range. It's hardly surprising in 2013 that more and more people seem to be picking up DSLRS. Firstly, the price of the entry level Canon and Nikon offerings are mostly cheaper than the mirrorless range, and offer a kit lens with the bundle. More and more TV adverts, billboards and subway posters are spreading the world of the mighty DSLR.

Canon's Asian ambassador

I would safely say that the most frequent DSLR i see is the Canon 500, 600d varients, followed by the 5d mkII. Nikon it seems, is in the number two position.

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