December 20th, 2014 | Peter Stewart

There goes another year!

Despite traveling less this year than I would have liked, I managed to complete more images for the 'Stacked' series. I also spent a month amongst the occupy movement in Hong Kong honing my street photography skills. Many many fun trips were also had around my native home of Western Australia shooting barren landscapes and awesome coastal seascapes. In addition to trips to Bali, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

I am continually seeing my style of photography evolving. This year was definitely an exercise in geometry, shapes, the abstract and my new passion for people and their environments. Here's to 2014 and my selection of my own personal favorite images of the year.

I would like to give a massive THANK YOU to all who have followed, liked and commented on my images on the various social media platforms. It really does mean a lot to me, and I do read every comment. I am very humbled for all your support.

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