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A portrait of the handsome fella himself!

About the Artist

Peter Stewart is amongst a rare breed of modern artists, breaking the mold with his conceptual based imagery and unique style of fine art travel photography.

With a mere 7 years behind the camera, Peter has slowly built up a reputable portfolio of award winning images, and established himself amongst the ranks of the worlds best known travel photographers.

Entirely self-taught, Peter’s interest in photography started during his early solo backpacking trips around South-East Asia, where the desire to document and capture the beauty of Asian landscapes and sprawling megacities took hold.

Born in Australia, and with half his life spent in England, Peter later made the move back to his home city of Perth in his mid 20's. In 2014, he decided to embrace the nomadic lifestyle and travel almost exclusively full time. Moving to Hong Kong as a second home upon which to base his movements around Asia.

Peter's images often focus upon the themes of mass scale and the abstract. Showcasing architecture and urban sprawl within Asia's megacities.

Although Peter embraces a highly digital workflow to produce and manipulate his images, he is also a vocal supporter of traditional film photography. Still opting to shoot 35mm film for many of his personal projects and street photography.

Prints from this website are produced and shipped worldwide from California, USA.

Publications and Exhibitions

National Geographic Magazine - 'The Grid'

Daily Mail UK - Stacked Hong Kong Feature

Buffalo Games USA - Cinque Terre Jigsaw Puzzle

Digital Photo UK Magazine Dec 2013 - 'Bangkok Dangerous' 

Digital Photo UK Magazine Spring 2014 - 'View to Die For' 

Digital Photo UK Magazine July 2014 - Front Cover, 'Walking in Arashiyama'

GEO Magazine Germany Jan 2015 -  'The Grid'

Huffington Post / The Weather Channel / Bored Panda / Designboom / Vice / La Repubblica / SLR Lounge / WIRED - Hong Kong 'Stacked' Feature

Travel + Leisure (Mexico) Magazine April 2015 Front Cover, 'Walking in Arashiyama'

Practical Photography Magazine July 2015 'Elevate'

National Geographic Books - Rarely Seen: Photographs of the Extraordinary - Cloud City #1 

National Geographic Magazine Japan Jan 2016 - 'Back to the Trenches'

The Independent UK Sun 29th Nov 2015- Feature on 'Stacked Hong Kong'

Hypebeast Feb 2016 - Feature on Skylines of Hong Kong

Nikon Asia  - Feature on the Nikon D810

Sawasdee Magazine for Thai Airlines March 2016 - Feature article & front cover on Hong Kong architecture

Apple.com - 'Good Morning, Hong Kong' used for iPad Pro promotional material

Colours Magazine for Garuda Indonesia April 2016 - 'Big Square, Little Square'

Colours Magazine for Garuda Indonesia July 2016 - 'The Bamboo Forest'

Practical Photography Oct 2016 - 'Rainbow Hoops'

National Geographic Books - Night Vision - Cover image 'Cloud City"' and various images throughout (to be released Oct 2017)

Prior Exhibitions

Leica Gallery Hong Kong  /  PAN Amsterdam Art Fair 2014   /  REALISME Art Fair 2015   /  KunstRAI Amsterdam Fair 2015  /  Art.Fair Cologne, Germany Sept 2015   /  Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam Oct 2015   /  Photo Beijing 2015  /  Affordable Art Fair Hamburg Nov 2015  /  Masters of LXRY Amsterdam  /  Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair  /  Art Breda 2016 / Art The Hague / Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam/Hamburg & London 2016 / Masters of LXRY Amsterdam 2016 

A portrait of the handsome fella himself!

For direct enquiries, please contact: info@peterstewartphotography.com

You can also keep up to date with Peter's latest travels on social media

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